About Me...

So, you ask, what type of person would choose life coaching and specialize in life transitions?  I mean, come on!  Let's face it, change isn't always fun! 


Well, I could give you a peppy general description of myself like... I have a passion for helping others, a degree in Sociology, love gardening and my pet hummingbird named Kong (little body, BIG attitude!), consider myself spiritually-based (not religious), love spending time with dear friends who tolerate my offbeat sense of humor, cooking (but not counting calories), travel adventures and great wine.


But really... who cares?

YOU want to know what it is about me that can help you make serious transformational changes in your life. Right?

So, here's the 411 on my personal and professional 'cred'...

I’ve had more than the average share of experience in 'significant life transition', both personally and professionally. I had to learn early on that life can, and most likely will, change on a dime. Things like losing my father in a plane crash at the age of 16 and surviving a divorce...But nothing prepared me for the hairpin turning point  I experienced in 2008.

That's when the 'great economic disaster' took my corporate management career and corresponding industry down to it's knees. My job and the home I had hoped to retire in, gone. Even worse, I felt I had lost all sense of identity and confidence I thought I had earned through 20+ years of hard work and dedication in the new home development field. Not pretty.

But I count myself as lucky. Why? Because I got to reinvent myself.

I got the crash course in ‘Who am I and where do I want to go’ and it was the biggest blessing of my life. 

Somewhere in it all I realized that my passion and skill was in helping other people successfully navigate through many of the type of difficult life transitions I had also experienced in life. How? By showing them how to take the same turning points that had kept them stuck, frustrated or scared and making them into opportunities for clarity, confidence and joy. 

What I realized was that, as I moved throughout each stage, I got better and better at learning to adapt, embrace and grow. These points in my life were all part of the brick and mortar that not only shaped and defined me as a person, but more importantly, allowed me the space to grow as a soul.

Since that Turning Point in 2008, I have found my Soul's calling in not just one, but multiple, roles...

  • Eleven years as a Certified Senior Relocation and Transitions Specialist (CRTS), or Senior Downsizing Specialist, helping seniors and their families navigate the emotionally and physically challenging process of downsizing to a smaller, more manageable lifestyle.

  • Five years as a Certified Life Coach (CPC) with a specialization in Transitions (What else? Are you sensing a theme here?)

  • Six years in Entrepreneural Mentorship through teaching and supporting other small business entrepreneurs, both within and outside of, the senior downsizing industry, who need help during the critical start-up process, as well as developing their unique personal business vision.  

So, is there a new path calling you, too?

  • A different career?  A better relationship?  Improved health? Better energy? Feeling more empowered?

  • If my story resonates with you, then make that leap of faith...take the step... and let’s connect!  I'd love to help you turn any turning point you may be facing today into meaningful change!  


Certified Life Coach - Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) 

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner - iPEC

Member - International Coaching Federation

Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist (CRTS)

Bachelor of Science - Sociology, University of California, San Diego