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  • Deborah Moyer - CPC

Time to Activate Your Happiness DNA!

The New Year is almost here and you know what that means? Something way more important than a boring old list of New Year’s Resolutions! It’s time to finally activate your Happiness DNA!

Has your happy meter been running a bit low these days? Want to finally push the pain, the disappointments and frustrations aside and kick some serious Happiness butt? 2020 CAN be the year that you finally get your happiness mojo cranked up to its full potential!

If you’re about fed up with the fruitless efforts you’ve made in creating positive change in your life. You aren’t alone.

Many of us put serious work and intention into achieving the Holy Grail of Happiness every New Year. We swear this year is the year we’ll get healthier, be more adventurous, treat others more generously, learn new skills, make more money or find the perfect mate because we think reaching for a thing, person or experience outside of ourselves will fill that happiness prescription.

Unfortunately, we rarely find true joy through those external things we thought were a Happiness slam dunk. But, why?

What if I told you that it was as simple as changing the direction you’ve been looking in?

The truth is that real Happiness doesn’t come from external things. It comes from within: a true and unconditional self-acceptance and love of ourselves, including the good, the bad and the really ugly.

We need to accept every square inch of our personality and soul for what it is. Imperfect and a work in progress, but loving and full of potential.

Did I just hear a groan? Weren’t you the one just asking for bliss?

Look! The potential for Happiness is inside every one of us, but it’s not a free ride. It takes serious intention, focus and effort to dig that happiness potential out from all the painful experiences, negative perspectives and uncomfortable emotions we’ve buried it under for years.

It comes down to making a choice and shifting from the concept of pursuing an external task or goal-based ‘Doing’ base of happiness to an internal acceptance of ‘Being’ foundation.

But, what does ‘Being’ involve exactly? Ever heard of the phrase ‘Just Be Yourself’? Well, that’s a good start!

It also requires an awareness of how we project ourselves to the outside world, especially the unhealthy coping skills that we’ve developed over time, like pleasing others in exchange for their acceptance or changing things about yourself because that’s what you think others expect of you.

Working towards a solid sense of self-worth is always at the top of the list of codes that activate true happiness, because in truth, if we can’t love ourselves how can we truly expect love from, or share love with, others?

So, instead of a list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2020, how about trying this exercise instead? Sit down and write an honest list of things you like about yourself. Not a list you think other people like about you, but a list that you appreciate, want to nurture about yourself and that will create a foundation for you to build happiness from.

Then identify the areas you'd like to improve on and make those your 2020 focus.

A lot of people have trouble with this exercise if they’re used to getting their kudo’s and acceptance from things from outside themselves.

They are way too quick to fall back on old habits of apologizing for who they are. They feel weird giving themselves credit for things that really just came as standard equipment with their soul and spirit.

So, can you give yourself the permission to give credit where credit is due without automatically discounting what’s truly special and unique about you?

2020 CAN be the year that you honor creating joy from within. It’s your birthright and your destiny in this lifetime. But YOU have to be the one that activates it! No one can take that away from you, but you.

Will you choose to activate that code of happiness in the year ahead? I hope so!

You deserve it and the world is a better place with you experiencing it!

Happy New Year!