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  • Deborah Moyer - CPC

The New You: An Invitation To Start Fresh

In my last post, “Regaining Your Sense of Purpose During a Crisis”, I suggested several things that could help you re-charge and restore a more meaningful sense of purpose, even in the midst of a major national crisis.

One of those suggestions was to take some time and do a life assessment. Rarely do we have the luxury of such wide expanses of time available for this kind of exercise.

In a time where we’re feeling at our most vulnerable, it’s a huge opportunity for us to get a deeper perspective on the things we DO have control over: how we handle our thoughts and reactions during these challenging times and what do we do with them to make our lives better?

It’s so important, in fact, that I’m going to revisit it on a deeper level. Here’s a refresher from the last post:

“Part of why we feel out of control in situations like this is that there’s a good chance that over time we’ve lost a true understanding of what it is we want in our lives, what’s working and not working and the quality of our connections to those we love and appreciate.

So, take this precious time to sit down and do a life assessment.

Ask yourself: What will you do differently once all of this has passed and life returns to the new normal? Were the things in your previous structure truly serving you? Had you become complacent with life around you and operating on auto-pilot?

What personal skills sets could you work on now that would allow you to return stronger, more grounded and “awake” long after COVID19 has come and gone?”

Some of you might have given it a shot. If you did, I applaud you.

Some probably thought it was intriguing but quickly found a way to procrastinate doing it, even while being held hostage at home 24/7 with nowhere to go.


Many avoid this kind of introspection because looking deeper into ourselves requires evaluating the good, and the not so good, including choices we’ve made over time that we may have regretted and sometimes that’s not so fun.

But, this isn’t an exercise about self-judgment. Far from it.

It’s really an invitation to start fresh. We can’t change the past. But, looking forward, we can choose to change our lives at any time starting with one simple decision.

COVID 19 will resolve itself in time. The real question is what are you going to be doing with your life on the other side of that world-wide shift? The key is recognizing the blocks that have kept us from making really, meaningful change up until now.

They usually include one or more of these excuses:

1) I don’t want to change until I see a clear-cut, guaranteed successful path to my goal.

2) I feel discomfort or fear of things I would lose that would result from making those changes (or of disappointing others).

3) I’m afraid I’m not ‘ready’ or have the skills to make that new path a success.

So, here are some thoughts to consider when you are faced with any, or all, of these blocks that are keeping you from taking action.

First, just because you can’t see a clear, start-to-finish path in front of you doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Stay open. Think out of the box. Watch your perspective.

Try starting your sentences with “I’d love to…, maybe I could….wouldn’t it be great if……” instead of “there’s no way I could X….I can’t…..I shouldn’t….”

It’s times like this where creative, open thinking can lead us, and our world, into a whole new vision and life expression if we just keep open to the art of possibility.

But, our words create reality. If we think and speak failure, we will inevitably create that reality for ourselves.

Second, take small steps, ANY steps, of action in the direction you want to go.

Just the act of starting and setting an intention is all it typically takes to set a positive and powerful energy in motion. We just FEEL better moving towards something better, happier, braver or new. Trust that if you do your part in taking those actions, life will ultimately help you find ways to continue to flesh out the larger plan.

Third, you’ll never be 100% ready. Why? Because every new habit, job, craft, sport or experience requires a learning curve. It’s just part of the process. It’s inescapable that we have to DO in order to LEARN.

So, embrace it! Jump in! Facing and conquering your fears will have far reaching positive effects and blessings that will continue to ripple throughout your life in unfathomable ways.

Stay safe! Stay healthy! But, gift yourself that time of introspection and introduce the New You!


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