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  • Deborah Moyer

5 Steps to Manifesting Positive Change in Your Life

Well, we’ve certainly seen a lot of change in the past year and we’re off to a bit of a rocky start in 2021. But, as we did after 9-11, we have a choice to make. Accept the new normal and be a positive part of creating it, or deny the inevitable and resist it.

The peace and health of our nation, and our community, depend on our efforts to shift our energies toward healing, move forward in unity and turn away from the unhealthy rhetoric of divisiveness.

As the new President said in his inaugural speech, if we are to find solutions to the challenges we currently face, and there are many, we not only have to do it as a country, but we also have to contribute as individuals.

There are plenty of ways to manifest or create positive change in each of our lives that contribute to both our personal and greater good. Whether it’s improving interpersonal relationships, reaching out to help a neighbor, re-dedicating yourself to an unfinished project or goal; the world needs your positive energy and spirit.

The best place to start any life change, is to always do a thorough gut check on your perspective. Are we allowing old painful wounds to direct our path or are we choosing to channel our energies toward actions, thoughts and words that support and encourage instead.

I’d like to share five of my go-to tools that can support and help you successfully shape the process of any change.

First and foremost, any worthwhile quest should begin with a deep and resounding sense of hope.

Hope is the belief that better things are possible. It gives you that shot in the arm to get going and continue to move forward toward positive goals that nurture, heal and inspire you.

It requires that you have faith that change is not only possible, but probable. It’s the voice of “I will!”, not “Maybe I could”.

It’s not always easy, though, keeping that fire lit. I’ve caught myself more than a few times, over the past year, feeling hope fade as each day brought more and more painful and devastating news.

I shared several of my go-to tools for creating a safe space in my last post, which included focusing on gratitude on the good things already surrounding us. That really helped me weather the low moments and allowed me to refresh my faith that things would work out for the best.

As a country, and as individuals, we share common ground to protect the peace of our nation, support our economy, care for our families and maintain a healthy and safe existence. Hope is the glue that has to exist in that foundation if sustained change is to flourish.

The second step is to get clear on the end-result you want to achieve.

The difference between facilitating real, lasting change and just wishing for change, is having a clear vision as to what that change will mean to you when you get it, both personally and to those around you.

So it’s important to step back and look at ALL the aspects of the change you want to make. Think through the actions you’ll need to initiate to make it a reality. To keep your focus front and center, give yourself tools to help you stay in the game.

For instance, let’s take a personal health goal like losing weight. Let’s say you want to eat healthier and lose 25 pounds so you can live longer, feel better and spend more time with those you love.

Would it help you stick to your resolve by buying a pair of skinnier jeans in advance of the weight loss and hang it where you can see it every day, so you can remind yourself of the end-benefit that you’re working so hard to achieve?

Whatever your goal is, create a clear plan with the steps required to get you there and be sure to include as many supportive tools as you can to sustain that vision.

The third step to manifesting change is to be flexible.

So often, when we desire change, we can get a little stubborn about how we envision getting there and what the path will look like along the way.

If we find adversity during the process, it doesn’t mean our goal is unattainable, it just means we have more lessons to learn. So, stay open to the "art of possibility" and what it can teach you.

It may require you to get more creative, learn new skills, try a different perspective or, God forbid, ask for help! What we lose in fixating on only one viable version of a treasured goal is the wealth of experience, opportunities, potential friends, unexpected mentors and other surprises along the way.

The fourth step to manifesting positive change in your life is to watch your thoughts.

Are they supportive, uplifting and positive or are they self-defeating, coming from lack or fear-based?

Remember, as humans, we’re really just energy. Our words, thoughts and actions inevitably ripple out to the world around us every minute of our day. They hold the key to whether we are positively or negatively affected in our potential for life success.

The language we use with our mates, families, co-workers and neighbors sets the tone and quality of connection. Often, it’s not the outside world that negative language affects the most, it’s the damage we do to ourselves, lowering our self-esteem and perpetuating the lie that change isn’t possible.

Start by removing the can’t, shouldn’t, won’t and “I don’t know if’s” from your daily vocabulary and see what happens. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised what shows up in your world when the light of what’s possible takes hold.

The last step to manifesting positive change in your life is forgiveness.

This can one of the tougher steps because it requires surrendering the past. Forgiveness is an amazing gift! I call it “grace on steroids”!

It’s not just about forgiving others who have harmed or disrespected you. It’s also about forgiving ourselves, releasing past regrets, things we would like to have done or said differently and letting go of old, painful stories that no longer serve us.

The past has a purpose.

It’s more than just memories of loved ones and fun times. It’s also there to remind us of the not-so-fun lessons too. But remember, those lessons allowed us to grow, and if we let them, they can help us improve and shape our future.

But, the past was never intended to be our guide map in creating our future.

We’ve already been down that road. It’s time to forge new paths and new opportunities. With forgiveness, you can say goodbye to the past and start to create a fresh slate to write a new and better chapter for your future.

So, what’s your next life chapter going to look like? What needs some loving, positive change in your life this year? There’s no goal too small, or seemingly inconsequential. Every positive effort and kindness you generate will make a difference in the days ahead and there’s not a moment to waste!

So, my friend, as I always say….stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!