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  • Deborah Moyer

5 Steps to Manifesting What You Want in Life

We all have hopes and dreams. They don’t have to be big dreams like conquering the world, finding the cure for cancer, or making a million dollars, although that last one seems pretty enticing, right?

I know, I know…after the last year, you’re probably thinking “Dreams? Heck, I’d be happy just getting back to some semblance of normal.”

We’re getting there. Slowly.

But, I believe that we can do better than that.

Putting focused energy into actively creating or manifesting what we truly want in our life from here can go a long way in helping us heal from all that we’ve endured this past year.

So, in this post, I wanted to share my go-to five-step plan to get you on your way to bringing more positive, empowering, and well…more magic into your life.

Magic can mean a lot of different things to different people. I’m not talking about getting your Harry Potter wand out and start learning Hogwart spells.

I’m talking about that feeling you get when you know you’re on the right path toward something that energizes you, gets you excited and curious to learn more, and pushes you forward toward new goals and experiences.

We just feel better when we’re working toward something that has meaning to us or gives us a sense of accomplishment, like successfully learning a new skill or conquering an old fear.

But, a lot of people get started on that quest only to quit when things aren’t going according to plan.

So, what DOES it take to manifest something we really want in our life?

There’s no guarantee, of course, but having a clear process will increase your chances considerably than just using the old “wishing upon a star” strategy.

So, here are the five steps I’ve found that significantly increases my success rate in reaching a new goal.

1. Get clear on what you want to create.

This one can sometimes derail someone before they even start. They think they know the end result they’re striving for, but they aren’t exactly sure what the middle part looks like getting there.

For instance, they want more time with their spouse or family and need to find a way to reduce their work hours. They know that more quality time is the ultimate goal, but they aren’t sure how to reduce their workload or responsibilities that make them feel stuck.

That’s ok. The key part is knowing what you want your life to look like when that change is implemented. I’ll share tips on how to fill in the process a little later.

Once you know what it is you want to create, then it’s time to move on to the next step in the process.

2. Visualize what your life would look like once you’ve achieved that goal.

So, let’s say your dream is to quit your job and work full-time from home creating art, doing virtual assistance, or starting some other kind of home-based business.

You’re happiest in a more calm and serene environment, a place where you can wear your jammies all day if you want, but still making a great living.

You want the freedom to travel. Autonomy. Creative Control of your own domain.

Whatever it is that gives you that joyful feeling is key. It’s knowing in your heart that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Visualizing your future self in your dream environment does two things.

First, seeing it makes it more real and attainable. It’s not just words anymore.

So, when you visualize, get specific. Where are you when this dream comes to fruition? At your home, a new office, or a yurt in the Andes?

What are you wearing? What does your new workspace look like? Who’s there with you? Do you have employees or co-creators you have yet to meet? What does a typical day look like for you in your future life?

Got it? Great! Now, time to add the next component.

3. Feel the emotions you’d feel when that dream becomes reality.

Once you envision your new future goal, it’s critical to feel the emotions while you are in that moment. All that excitement, happiness, and sense of accomplishment is an important part of the package.

It’s what you need to tap into when things start to get bumpy on the road to success. In those inevitable moments when you wonder why you started in the first place, stop and remember the emotions and sense of pride you experienced when you initially visualized your new world.

Now, it’s time to start implementing the plan to get you there.

4. Ask yourself what you could do today, tomorrow and the day after that to get you closer to that goal?

It’s that old adage of “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time of course!".

A goal always seems so overwhelming when you see it Big Picture. You think “How am I ever going to get there!”

That’s why you need to cut it into smaller, more manageable pieces that can be done slowly and methodically. To get there, it’s best to implement Step #5.

5. Start at your desired result and work your way backward in time, creating action steps along the way.

By walking backward through the tasks and allotting them realistic timelines, you give yourself a road map to follow instead of wandering aimlessly until you get discouraged and give up.

When I’m working on a goal, I use post-it notes on a wall so I can move tasks around easily. It allows me to visually see where I need to break things down even further or omit them completely.

Achieving even the smallest step along this path will give you the confidence and energy necessary to continue the process every day.

The key is sticking to a plan, allowing yourself the flexibility to adjust along the way, and giving yourself kudos for each day’s successes.

It’s that momentum that will sustain you until you reach your goal.

So, get out those post-it’s and start visualizing your dream goal! It’s out there just waiting for you to bring it to life! No dream is too small or too big, you’ve just got to start taking the steps to make it a reality.

So, my friend, until next time….stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!