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  • Deborah Moyer

Transformation vs. Change: Why There's a Difference

When was the last time you felt truly "transformed"?

You're probably thinking, what does that mean exactly?

For me, it means a time when I’ve gone through a significant life experience that ultimately changed me and, most often, made me a better person. It gave me that “aha” moment where things fell into place and suddenly made sense.

There’s a sense of euphoria that flows through you that you don’t get just by experiencing an average life adjustment.

But, for many, change is something to be avoided. It can put us into a state of apprehension, fear, or loss mostly because it's uncharted territory.

In addition, it tends to be unpredictable and uninvited. It crashes our life party and it isn’t always pleasant.

It often pulls us from our comfort zones, creates challenges, and requires a response, a decision, or a solution.

Transformation vs. Change

But, transformation is different. It’s a form of change, yes, but with a positive twist.

If you ask a person about their experience of transformation, they’ll usually describe it as a breakthrough, life-changing, or expanded awareness or clarity.

They feel elated, excited, and inspired, hoping to keep the experience going for as long as possible.

The dictionary describes "transformation" as a change in condition, nature, or character. Though there are different forms, the one I want to focus on today is that it's a process with the capacity to convert.

People use the word transformation when they aspire. They don’t like where they are and they want a new reality, a new experience or to elevate themselves through learning.

It’s frequently used to describe a personal, internal shift to a higher and more coveted level of personal growth, insight, or lifestyle.

What Inspires Change For You?

When you think of transformation in your life, what immediately comes up for you?

Was it a life lesson that rocked your world and you never saw life quite the same way again? Maybe it made you want better things in your life and you were excited to try new experiences?

To be transformed is a conscious act. You know when you’re experiencing something life-changing.

Change will come regardless of whether you ask for it or not and it can often feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack Truck.

What’s Your Default Reaction to Change?

My question to you today is to ask yourself which path you’re more prone to default to? Do you just hope and pray that if change comes, it will be kind to you and bring you positive experiences?

Or do you default to seeking transformation and proactively creating what you want in your life?

Transformation is attainable by anyone that wants it. But, it does require intent and action.

It’s a conscious choice and philosophy you follow when things get a little messy in life because even negative experiences can lead to positive transformation.

You might be asking. "So, what am I supposed to transform to exactly?"

Transformation Means Different Things To Different People

What transformation means is a personal thing for each of us to determine. But, to give you a broad example, to be transformed could mean raising your energy, your mindset, and/or physical health to a higher level that provides you with a more enjoyable overall life experience.

That could mean anything from a better and more supportive relationship to a general feeling of freedom or joy, to allowing more creativity into your life, or finding new inspirational ideas to enhance your career or business.

Plainly put. It makes you happier, joyful, more emotionally complete and energized. Who doesn’t want that?!

But, we humans seek transformation for a lot of other reasons you may not have thought of.

The Benefits of Change

I’d like to share four benefits of change with you in hopes that they inspire you to think more deeply about what it is that primarily drives you toward transformation.

1. Transformation plays a key role in creating our identity.

As a society, we evolved from the pack mentality. It’s just ingrained in us to be curious about what the rest of our tribe on this planet is doing. The invention of the Internet and Social Media have exponentially increased our capacity to constantly compare ourselves to the world.

Sometimes that reinforces that we’re just fine where and who we are, but it can also drive and inspire us to work toward something better. That creates aspirational thoughts and ideas that can get us moving toward those goals.

2. We seek to increase our value within society.

It’s just an instinctive thing to want to increase our value to our partners, our family, our work, and our community in general.

We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to do that by transforming ourselves through information and life experience.

Whether we do that via formal education, general research, observation, or trying new experiences, it all works to open our world to new possibilities and allows us to stretch ourselves.

3. Transformation keeps us from being bored.

Face it! We’ve gotten to be a society of instant gratification. After a while, it gets harder for some to feel fulfilled when the thrill is gone and start to look around for something more interesting.

Transformation offers us another level of excitement and adrenaline. Something new to experience or learn from. The theme here is that through a transformational experience you’re always looking to expand: personally, socially, in your career, or in any other life aspect that’s important to you.

4. Each of us need different forms of transformation to be complete.

Some are seeking spiritual transformation; others want to transform emotionally or feel better physically.

Whatever form of transformation you seek, the primary goal is usually to find that answer that so far has evaded you. It requires being open to new experiences, new philosophies, life lessons, and relationships.

It gets us out of our comfort zone in a good way because we’re excited about positive opportunities that could be right around the corner.

How do you want to live your life going forward?

Often we don’t know how that path will end up, but there’s a hopeful spirit behind transformation that a simple change can’t hold a candle to.

So, I ask that simple question again. How do you want to live your life going forward? Rolling with life’s changes or actively seeking transformation and moving to a brighter, healthier, and happier future?

Start by writing down the things you'd like to change most in your life and then stay open to opportunities that can get you to your goal. It might not happen overnight, but slow and steady efforts tend to ultimately win the race.

The opportunity for transformation is all around us. We only have to choose to be open to it!

So, until next time, my friend, as I always say….stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!


P.S. If you've been seeking transformation in relationships, reaching personal goals or other life challenges, but feel stuck and need a little coaching help, schedule a personal coaching session with me here.